Weddings and Events

Wedding and Events

Looking for something OR someone to entertain the kiddos during cocktail hour or your reception?  You've come to the right place.  Let us keep the kids engaged and having fun so the adults can enjoy all of the hard work you've put into planning your wedding.  You don't want them missing your first dance, toasts or cake cutting because they are having to attend to their child.  Hire a professional to entertain them so that both parent and child have a wonderful time at your celebration!

We have many characters that can entertain both girls and boys.  

For a complete list of characters click here.  You can also choose to have an non-costumed entertainer come to play.  

Entertainment activities may include:  

(Most activities are geared towards kids ages 3-8 years old)

  • Coloring:  in books or on butcher paper
  • Games:  Hot potato, Simon Says, Duck Duck Goose, Limbo, parachute game, freeze dance, red light-green light, potato sack races and MORE
  • Treasure hunt or scavenger hunt
  • Crafts:  Foam sticker craft, beaded necklace craft
  • Dress-Up Trunk:  Includes dresses for girls and vests for boys, hats and hair pieces, feather boas, necklaces
  • Photo Shoot:  Includes photos shot with a polaroid camera for instant gratification
  • Storytime:  Choose from a variety of kids books